Ajo Station Border Patrol Arizona shaped challenge coin

Hey everyone Rob here with Spartan Coins. Today I wanted to bring you an inside look at one the challenge coins we recently created for the United States Border Patrol here in Arizona.

As you can tell from the image in the video this border patrol station challenge coin is rather large. This specific challenge coin measures two point seven five inches longest dimension is plated with Antique Gold, has soft enamel paint color on both sides and clear coat epoxy on one side.

Soft enamel paint color does not completely fill the recessed voids on custom coins. This is what makes epoxy so useful. Epoxy is much like the clear coat finish on your car’s paint, as it not only protects but it also creates a flat, smooth surface.

While it’s true you may be able to fill the raised and recessed areas of a coin below epoxy, you will not fill those areas as pronounced as you will on a coin without epoxy.

If you’re in the market for a custom Border Patrol challenge coin or any other custom challenge coin or custom lapel pin then please be sure to check us out here or reach us directly by calling our eight hundred number, 1-855-477-7826.

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Ajo Border Patrol Station challenge coin

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Challenge Coin Design – Raster Artwork to Vector Artwork Conversion

Hey everyone Rob here with Spartan Coins dot com and what you’re seeing in this video is raster artwork or pixel based artwork before it is turned into vector or line based artwork. The great thing about vector artwork is that it can be scaled up without losing detail, distorting or pixelating like pixel based raster artwork.

This is obviously an accelerated view your seeing here. I wish I could complete artwork at this pace believe me. This video only covers one side of a coin design and is really an introduction to a more detailed challenge coin design video located on our website which is linked in the description box below.

In the other video located here https://spartancoins.com/blog/custom-coin-design.php I plan to show you multiple ways this specific design can be accomplished on a challenge coin and why I chose to design this specific element the way I did.

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challenge coin design

Spartan Coins Offers Unprecedented Value in the Custom Coin Industry

Hey again everyone, Rob here for Spartan Coins. A lot of you may have thought about creating your own custom coins but have found a cost barrier. I know the set up costs can seem a bit daunting when compared to other promotional items such as tee shirts.

However in my own experience I have found custom tee shirts can be quite expensive as well. I think I bought like 7 custom tee shirts in 2014 for like $210 or something ridiculous.

Anyway, what if I told you I could make your entry level pricing concerns a thing of the past? Today that’s exactly what I’m here to tell you. The embedded video below explains the die fee promotion currently going on at SpartanCoins.com.

I will tell you right now, this cost savings promotion is essentially an experiment for 2017. If we can generate enough volume then this promotion could turn into the status quo. We shall see!

If you have ever thought about creating your own custom coins I encourage you to check out Spartan Coins – the best name in custom coins. Seriously, you don’t have anything to lose – except more money if you’re still making coins with someone else.

Is Lack of Knowledge Costing Your Business?

I am a really big fan of trying to educate my prospective customers. My efforts include videos, audio recordings, blog posts and articles, and of course keeping my frequently asked questions up to date. I am of the opinion that being an authority in your niche involves staying ahead of potential future frequently asked questions as well as updating previous questions. Therefore I have tried very hard to put together a great resource and that’s what makes what I’m about to say sting so much.

Is what your prospects don’t know or don’t care to learn costing your business? Probably! When you deal with the public you must understand that some people are resistant to learning new things! These type of people either don’t believe they have time, don’t feel it necessary to make the time or they just flat out don’t care to learn something new. They probably wonder why they should bother reading answers to your frequently asked questions when they can simply ask you. Come on now, don’t make me think and for God’s sake don’t make me read.

I know it sounds funny but I’m serious, and that’s probably why it’s so funny. Those of you laughing at this know exactly what I’m talking about.

The reason I’m highlighting this topic is because I believe a prospect’s lack of knowledge recently cost me business. I recently went through the normal motions of what I do to get a custom coin order which is create artwork and do requested artwork changes prior to any form of commitment from the prospect. Stupid business model, right?!

Anyway, we are right on the verge (at least I think we are) of getting this order when this prospect drops a bombshell on me. The prospect asks, is the dragon (see below) on the reverse side going to be 3D. My response is no! You see, there is not enough detail to make that specific design element into high relief 3D metal.


The amount of detail or lack thereof for that specific design element has nothing to do with me. Using this specific dragon was their choice, even though I tried to get them onto a more detailed dragon (see below) from the beginning with my initial design.

3D Dragon

Needless to say I have NOT heard back from them after I said their dragon would not be 3D. I don’t ever say things like this to discourage people. I always set out to be honest and forthright with my prospects and customers but in this case being honest didn’t seem to serve me very well. I believe this is something that every business owner experiences and can be summed up by another lesson learned. It’s just really difficult to pay bills with lessons learned.

Authority is Your Elevator When Search Engines are Your Playground

In my spare time I like to watch YouTube videos if I can. There’s a lot of good information in YouTube videos if you really pay attention. Having said that I recently watched a video where a guy said not to worry about back links in 2016. Don’t worry about it because back links no longer mean what they once did.

Really? I am going to have to strongly disagree with that claim my man because you and I are clearly not seeing the same thing. Let me just say that I don’t know why anyone would make such a strange declaration. You missed your mark if it was an attempt to sound smart. Instead you sound like a fucking blow hard know it all. Bro SEO is a big business and the internet has many niches and I seriously doubt you or anyone else knows absolutely everything SEO about every possible niche.

This cockamamie idea of writing the best content and magically getting ranked on the first page of Google is absolute fantasy for brand new websites or those without a respectable level of authority. Honestly, how many people or businesses have you ever heard say “Oh man I finally hit that homerun I’ve been swinging for with Google. I finally, after all these years and painful hours of frustration have written the most epic piece of content of my career and Google has rewarded me with a number one organic search position.”

You will never hear someone say those words because it does NOT happen solely off your content or on page SEO in competitive markets with high cost per click advertising! It also seems really convenient that the websites that rank in these same competitive markets have also paid for advertising at one point or another. You can call it a coincidence but I think that’s being naive.

Now that we’re clear on that let’s take a look at a specific keyword case study. The keyword phrase we’ll be analyzing is cheap custom challenge coins. Now to be fair the term cheap custom challenge coins is likely the bane of most challenge coin makers’ existence. Not only is the idea of posting that word on your website taboo but it probably makes challenge coin vendors want to throw up a little in their mouths.

If you look at the attached first page Google search results you’ll notice something. There is only one website result that mentions cheap custom challenge coins and it’s kind of spammy and down near the bottom of the page. Let’s be honest though, that result would not be what it is without their high domain authority. Now I will honestly admit that I am glad the result that mentions this term is near the bottom of the first page for two reasons. One, Google is protecting their advertising earnings and American advertisers, and two because I have a website in the industry and I want to build a clientele.

However this just reinforces my opinion that writing quality content alone will not accomplish your goal of a high organic search position on Google. I encourage you to continue writing quality content. Perhaps you will create a piece of content that will go viral and you’ll finally get the exposure and natural links you’ve been working toward.

Police Challenge Coins for sale

Police challenge coins are small medallions that usually carry the emblem or insignia of a specific law enforcement’s unit. Carried by most police officials, the coins are designed to enhance morale and honor those who serve. While the coins exact origins are unconfirmed, it is thought  that challenge coins had military beginnings.

Military records dating back hundreds of years show the coins were given to soldiers as a memento, to mark a person’s service to their country. Several presidents have also received challenge coins, with the most recent being George. W. Bush for his 2007 visit to troops in Iraq.

custom police coins for sale
custom police coins for sale

Police coins come in a variety of different sizes, shapes and designs. Each individual law enforcement unit usually has a coin designed to their own specifications. The coins often have a bronze, silver or gold finish, as well as painted detailing. Why and how the police coins are awarded is usually down to each specific unit. However, it is common practice for an officer to receive a challenge coin after receiving two letters of recommendation following an act of bravery or good deed.

These coins are also issued to commemorate a special occasion or to remember officers who have been killed in the line of duty. The coin is seen by many government officials as being a good way to improve relations between officers and the general public, as well as improve PR between the police agencies and other areas of the community. Special challenge coins have been known to raise important funds for charities linked to improving the lives of police officers injured while working.

Members of the public are also able to purchase police challenge coins, with the proceeds going to one of the many charities associated with the individual law enforcement unit. As well as looking after the families of fallen officers and helping injured officers, these coins also help charities linked to improving the general working life of a serving officer. This may include purchasing essential pieces of uniform, improving office space and funding social events for the officers in their down time. These coins are also given to new officers, as a way of marking the end of their training and introduction into their specific police unit.

People can also purchase police coins, as a way of showing their support for the many individuals who work to keep their city safe. Highly collectible, it is not unusual for these coins to be sold at auctions or kept in a person’s private collection. President Obama placed the Presidential Challenge Coin on the memorials of the soldiers who were killed during the Fort Hood massacre.. The most sought after coin by collectors is the Bulldog coin, which was given to the gunners of the B-52. Law enforcement officers who own a challenge coin are encouraged to carry it at all times. There are several rules associated with owning one of these coins, the most important being it cannot be defaced in any way. Many individuals drill holes into the coins, so they can wear them on necklaces or lanyards. They are often completely unaware that defacing them in this way means they are no longer considered to be challenge coins.